viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008


The Guerrero Azteca Project is a place where you will find resources and and ways to contribute in helping our youth realize their true potential as peace-seeking future students in higher education. Teaching our youth that peace is a better path to continue a higher education and military service is not the best option to attain higher education.
Military service should serve as an option to those who are serious about their commitment in serving the country with arms, but not for those who only seek to join the military service only to attain a higher education or for the simple reason of being more "disciplined." Military service is a serious commitment and any one considering the option of serving armed in the military should research the pros and cons. We are here to help guide those who wish to succeed by peaceful means and encourage our youth in attaining a higher education without risking their life in war.

Our organization - Guerrero Azteca Project (AKA: Proyecto Guerrero Azteca) was created after the death of my son, Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar the "Aztec Warrior" as we call him, as a voice against wars, specifically the war in Iraq initiated in 2003 and based on the lies from the Bush administration.

The activities offered by our organization are to give talks and presentations to students by speaking on the topic of my son's military service history where he endured discrimination, physical abuse and lies from his officers. We also participate in public forums, focusing on underrepresented communities such as Latino communities to offer support and resources for those who may not always hear the truth about the situation in Iraq.

We hope you will find this site useful, please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you and enjoy visiting our site.

In peace,
Fernando Suarez del Solar, Founder/Director
Guerrero Azteca Project

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